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In our very first episode of Fables Untold, we'll discuss a thing or two about Demand Generation with a true B2B marketing maestro, George Coudounaris.

If you're familiar with The B2B Playbook podcast, you already know the powerhouse we have in store for you. From battling in a courtroom to slaying the competition in the B2B marketing world, George has done it all.

Tune in to deep-dive into his 5 BE's framework, get his take on common pitfalls to be wary of while tackling demand generation, and learn about other marketing gurus he swears by. Don't miss our rapid fire where we talk about his hidden talents & many more.

Hope you have as much fun watching the episode as George and we did while recording this for you. On to many more, folks!


George Coudounaris

Co-Host of The B2B Playbook


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