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What's included?

  • 1 user
  • Unlimited interactive demos
  • Unlimited demo views
  • Basic demo analytics
  • Record HTML application
  • Auto-stitch of demo flows
  • Demo editor
  • Multi-flow demos
  • Custom branding
  • Enable hotspot
  • Personalize demos
per month

Everything in Startup +

  • Upto 10 users
  • Advanced demo analytics
  • Custom lead forms
  • Figma screen support
  • Advanced branching demo
  • Video guides
  • Demo templates
  • SalesForce integration
  • HubSpot integration
  • Marketo integration
  • Pardot integration
  • Segment integration
  • Zapier integration
  • Dedicated support
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Everything in Business +

  • For > 10 users
  • Multi-team
  • Custom pricing
  • SSO
  • Dedicated slack support
  • Demo coaching
  • Quarterly demo reviews
  • Custom APIs
  • Dedicated CSM
  • Custom integrations

What our customers
are saying about us


Fable was extremely helpful in enabling us to tell our product story exactly the way we wanted.

Fable customer

Manan S

CEO Recruiterflow

Being able to send these mini interactive product demos in our outreach campaigns has surprisingly helped us a lot.

Fable customer

Michel L

Founder of ColdIQ

Fable has made our lives easier by showing what our product can do even before our buyers talk to the sales team.

Fable customer

Jubin S

CEO of Superhire

It was a breeze to use Fable to create demos which were functional from the get-go. Fable's standout feature is its ability to personalize demos for every single user.

Fable customer

Pushkal S

CEO of Riyalto

Trusted by GTM teams around the world

Recruiter flow

Frequently asked questions


Do you have a free trial?

Yes, we have a 14-day free trial. You can also add your team members to a trial account to ensure you try fable and make the best use of it. And oh, don’t worry about support during your trial. We’ll take good care of you!

What type of support does Fable offer?

We provide priority support in-app and via email, and slack. Our demo experts are always available for any questions you may have.

Will Fable help us in implementation?

Absolutely. We provide 1:1 onboarding and implementation help to ensure your demos look super slick. Count on us as we’ll take you from a beginner to a power user of fable in no-time.

Do you have special pricing for startups?

Our pricing is well-suited for all startups. That said, if there are any special requests: please write to us.

What are my payment options?

Fable has integrated with Stripe to allow our customers to pay us via credit card, direct deposit, and wire transfers.

Are there any limits to creating new demos?

There are absolutely no limits to creating/editing any number of demos in any of our plans. Our focus is to keep our pricing super simple. Fable has use cases across marketing, sales & customer success: so go ahead and start making use of it!

Want to increase your conversions & close more deals?

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