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Google Calendar

Interactive demo of Google Calendar explaining how to share one’s calendar with others


What our customers
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Being able to send these mini interactive product demos in our outreach campaigns has surprisingly helped us a lot.

Fable customer



Fable helps you create very sleek product demos. They also provide great support right from signup to getting your demos live.

Fable customer


VP Growth, Dive

Fable has made our lives easier by showing what our product can do even before our buyers talk to the sales team. Never knew that you can increase your conversions with so much ease.

Fable customer


CEO, Superhire

Fable was extremely helpful in enabling us to tell our product story exactly the way we wanted.

Fable customer


CEO, Recruiterflow

From creating a demo to embedding it on the website - the entire process is very seamless.

Fable customer


CEO, 91Ninjas

The aesthetics of finished demos was brilliant and really caught the attention of the prospects my sales folks shared it with.

Fable customer


CEO, Tan90

It was a breeze to use Fable to create demos which were functional from the get-go. Fable's standout feature is its ability to personalize demos for every single user.

Fable customer


CEO, Riyalto

The tool is so simple to use that our sales teams create their own version of interactive demos and send it out to their prospect.

Fable customer


Founder's Office, Qapita

With Fable’s no code editor, our sales team is able to customize demos in minutes before every sales call.

Fable customer


Growth Consultant

Customer onboarding has become very streamlined now all thanks to Fable.

Fable customer


Manager Partner, JARS

The end output feels just like our live product, complete with animations and transitions,

Fable customer


CEO, Supersourcing

Fable has a lot of customizations available which helped us in getting the product tour to look exactly how we wanted.

Fable customer


CEO, Recurpost