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Scale demo operations
without breaking a sweat

Spend time on high-value strategic deals while Fable takes care of demo operations at scale. No more dummy demos. It is high time each prospect gets a personalized demo without breaking your back.

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A reliable sandbox demo environment that makes creating personalized demos for each prospect a breeze

Your friendly neighbourhood sandbox demo environment that you can rely on!


One demo platform to rule them all


A reliable sandbox demo environment, with easy template creation & personalization, and high-quality standard demos every time - all this from one single platform. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

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Embarrassment during live demos is a thing of the past

Ensure high-quality demos are delivered to every single prospect without fail.

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Achieve demo personalization at scale by creating ready-to-go templates

Create demo templates for each use case and enable personalization at the drop of a hat for every single deal.

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Deliver POCs in minutes rather than days and shorten your sales cycle

Deliver POCs and custom-built demos in minutes and see your sales cycles move faster.

All it takes is 3 simple steps


Scale your demo operation and get back your time to focus on strategic deals in one single swoop.


Spin off a demo sandbox


Create a demo environment of your product in minutes

In just a few clicks, capture the key parts of your product with all the bells & whistles. Your demo environment is ready to go without losing a wink of sleep!


Personalize for each buyer


Personalize the demo to wow your buyers

With our no-code editor, personalize the demo for your buyer based on persona, use case & industry. Edit everything you want: from images and text to every other element, you can personalize it all.


Share demos & win deals


Share Fable demos and close more deals

Live demos or leave-behinds. Choose how and when to share these demo URLs. Let buyers play around with your product and get them to closed-won faster.

Creating demos that win deals has never been this easy


Fable is a demo platform built for presales teams. Dive into the platform to see for yourself how it will scale your demo operations in minutes.

Deeply integrated with your GTM tech stack

With Fable’s native integrations to your CRM, analytics tools, and more, you can be sure that your GTM engine works like a well-oiled machine.

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Want to get the right partner for your presales team and close more deals?

Consistent demos
Easy setup
that takes just 5 minutes
Deeply customize
for each buyer without breaking a sweat
Consistent demos
that wow your buyers every single time
Demo sandbox
that scales effortlessly
Complete insight
into your buyers’ behavior