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In the current era of product-led growth, prospective customers prefer to interact with the product and explore its various features rather than relying on demo videos or sales team interactions.

Interactive product demos are essential for sales and marketing teams. They engage prospects, showcase product value, and increase sales win rates. They help customers understand and engage with a product, making informed purchasing decisions. By allowing real-time interaction, interactive demos provide a hands-on experience that effectively communicates the product's value and benefits.

Interactive demos improve the customer buying experience by allowing them to explore the product at their own pace and stay updated on its latest features and improvements. This leads to higher user engagement, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction.

We have researched and compiled a list of top interactive demo software tools that can assist you in making an informed decision for your business.

What is Interactive Product Demo Software?

Interactive product demo software is a type of software that enables users to create personalized demo experiences without the need for coding. This software allows users to capture product screens, customize them, and convert them into interactive demos that allow end-users to explore product features and learn about them at their own pace.

Interactive demos or Interactive tours (as some users call them) are helpful for showcasing complex software or applications in a user-friendly way. They speed up decision-making, reduce user frustration, increase your qualified leads and ultimately close more deals. 

Top 6 Interactive Product Demo Software Tools 2024

1. Fable

G2 Rating: 4.9/5 ⭐

Fable website screenshot

Fable is a no-code interactive demo platform that helps you create personalized demos that close more deals. 

Fable is the only platform in the market today that does all the heavy lifting and auto-stitches your demos for you. There's absolutely no need for you to manually capture tens of screens and go through the pain of stitching them together. 

Fable’s proprietary demo capture technique ensures that the transitions and animations are a replica of your product. Your buyers won’t be able to tell apart interactive demos of your product and the real thing!

Fable G2 review


  • No-code platform to help sales and marketing teams create interactive demos in less than 5 minutes.
  • In-built qualification matrix to allow your prospects to choose their product journey.
  • Supports a host of use cases for pre-sales, marketing, sales, partnerships, and customer success teams.
  • Allows you to create customized demos with non-linear flows, overlay guides, video annotations, and many more.
  • Full-suite analytics to track every single interaction and engagement with demos created by your team.
  • Demo templates and demo libraries to help your team be more productive and focus solely on closing and not worry about anything else.
  • Fable has a simple pricing that is suited for companies of all sizes. Plans start from $100 per month.

2. Navattic

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 ⭐

Navattic website screenshot

Navattic simplifies the process of creating interactive product walkthroughs by providing a browser extension that enables capturing screenshots of your product's frontend code. These screenshots can be easily connected using a no-code editor, resulting in informative and engaging tours.

Navattic allows for the integration of interactive demos on your website by the marketing team or sharing with potential leads by the sales team. Additionally, Navattic provides the option to either gate or leave these tours ungated, allowing for the collection of lead contact information or guiding prospects toward making a purchase.

Navattic helps you track metrics and improve engagement by pinpointing where potential customers drop off during tours.

Navattic G2 review


  • More suited for marketing teams to increase conversions from multiple web sources.
  • Has a simple no-code tool to create interactive demos with lead forms to capture lead data.
  • You can add overlay guides and customize the data before you embed your interactive demos
  • Allows team collaboration.
  • Has features like advanced editors that allow you to edit text, and images, and blur or delete elements on any screen.
  • Pricing starts from $500 per month.

🆚 Here's how Navattic compares to Fable.

3. Storylane

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 ⭐

Storylane website screenshot

Storylane is one of the easiest interactive demo platforms available in the market today. With its super simple and clean UI, sales and marketing teams can create feature-rich product demos that drive your prospect's interest. 

Storylane integrates with all common tools in your existing tech stack, making it easy for you to work without any hiccups.

Storylane G2 review


  • Create high-quality, customized demos with guided tooltips and overlays.
  • An analytics module is included to help you track the performance of your demos.
  • Artificial intelligence can be utilized to create product tours, provide voiceovers, and even facilitate translations.
  • Include lead capture forms and live chats within your demos.
  • Also allows you to integrate video clips within your demos.
  • Their pricing starts with a free plan and has upgrades that go on till $100 per user per month.

🆚 Here's how Storylane compares to Fable.

4. Demostack

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 ⭐

Demostack website screenshot

Demostack is a tool that is specifically designed for creating interactive product demos and tours. What sets it apart is its extensive capability to clone your product.

The browser extension captures both the front-end appearance and back-end code of your product, allowing complex elements to function as they do in your actual product within the cloned environment.

Demostack is great for sales applications. Sales teams can repurpose existing demos for personalized presentations and follow up with leads.

Demostack G2 review


  • Efficiently create customized sandbox demo environments with user-friendly features.
  • Both front-end and back-end code are captured to ensure smooth replication of the product.
  • Enhance your custom demos with images as well as videos
  • The product includes built-in A/B testing features that allow for optimization of CTAs and messaging during demos.
  • You can customize templates, analyze performance, and share demos easily with its centralized demo command center.
  • Demostack has custom pricing that varies based on your requirements.

🆚 Here's how Demostack compares to Fable.

5. Walnut

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 ⭐

Walnut website screenshot

Walnut is a popular codeless platform for B2B companies. It helps customize and improve sales demonstrations. With Walnut, companies can create personalized product demonstrations for each prospect. Sales reps can use pre-designed templates for different use cases. Walnut ensures a smooth and uninterrupted sales demo process, eliminating downtime and loading issues.

Sales reps can use personalization to create engaging product narratives and track demo performance with comprehensive analytics tools.

Walnut also provides guided demos with annotations to simplify the prospect's journey.

Walnut G2 review


  • The tool allows you to capture and display the user interface and functionality of your website or application.
  • Users have the option of creating templates in order to make generating tailored demos easier for specific use cases or pages, which can save them time and effort.
  • It provides a no-code editing feature for convenient customization of demos, making it accessible to a diverse range of users.
  • The tool offers advanced demo editing with HTML coding, which allows for more customization options.
  • It offers collaborative features to teams, such as demo libraries, templates, permissions control, and security measures.
  • Walnut has custom pricing which varies based on your requirements.

🆚 Here's how Walnut compares to Fable.

6. Reprise

G2 Rating: 4.3/5 ⭐

Reprise website screenshot

Reprise Replay is a product tour builder designed for GTM teams that allows screen capture, including the ability to capture multiple screens simultaneously through its application capture feature.

Reprise Replicate is a product that captures both the front-end and back-end code of your product, allowing for functional duplicates that can be used for live demos and shared as collateral with leads.

Reprise Reveal allows AEs to customize data and content in live demos, no sales engineer is needed to create custom demo environments for different industries or use cases.

These options give prospects a full experience. It works well with analytics tools like Google Analytics and Salesforce CRM, giving businesses clear reports on how well demos lead to sales.

Reprise G2 review


  • The screen-level and code-level capture feature provides enhanced control in product demos.
  • There are a variety of options available for creating demos, including product walkthroughs, demo overlays, and sandbox environments.
  • The platform offers convenient integrations with popular tools.
  • Cloud-based demo creation allows for quick and seamless product presentations.
  • Reprise allows secure sharing of demos. 
  • Reprise has custom pricing which varies based on your requirements.

🆚 Here's how Reprise compares to Fable.

Key Features to Look for in Interactive Product Demo Software Tools

When it comes to choosing the right interactive product demo software for your business, it is important to consider key features that will enhance the user experience and effectively showcase your products or services. From customization options to analytics and integration capabilities, these features can make all the difference in creating engaging and impactful product demos. By carefully evaluating these key features, you can ensure that you select a tool that will effectively showcase your offerings and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Here are a few of them to consider:

Personalization and Customization

Consider investing in software that offers the ability for your sales reps to create personalized demos for potential customers and potential buyers, incorporating their names and company logos. This can enhance the user's experience by providing them with a more interactive and tailored demonstration of your product.

In addition to this, choose software that allows you to build custom demos based on your target audience and target industries (their user profiles, use cases, persona, and others).

Demo Library

To make life easy for your sales, product marketing, and marketing teams, interactive demo software also has the option to create demo templates or a demo library. You can create a library of demos from which your team members can select to use for their particular requirements. This increases their productivity and ensures a standard demo usage across the board.

Easy Demo Creation Process

Sales teams today are already stuffed with many tools in their kitty. Therefore, it is critical to choose a demo software that is extremely easy to use with user-friendly interfaces and does not require reps to individually capture screens and spend a ton of time putting together a great product demonstration.

Collaboration Features

Most deals that your sales teams are involved in today require multi-threading. In such cases, multiple members from your potential customer's organization would want to interact with you and learn more about your product. This is why having collaboration features baked into your interactive demo platform is extremely useful for you.

Custom Lead Forms

If you choose to gate your demos and intend to capture leads, lead forms are a no-brainer. That said, there are different ways you can design your lead form based on the inputs from your marketing team. Further, these lead forms will need to be integrated with other tools in your tech stack.

Unlimited Demos and Demo Views

As a growing organization, the number of demos you and your team will be a part of will keep increasing. When this happens, the number of viewers for the interactive demos created will also increase. So keep in mind that you need to choose a platform that does not restrict on either of these factors.

No-Code Editor

Though the majority of the products listed in this article have a no-code editor, there are some products that require you to involve your engineering team before you go live. If the intent in choosing an interactive demo platform is to make the life of your sales and marketing teams easier, always go with a tool that has a no-code editor.

Affordable Pricing

Always choose a product that allows you to try before you buy. Consider future upgrades and decide based on the budget that you have in mind. With many options available in the market, it is very much possible to consider an interactive demo platform that is easy on the pocket.

Flexible Sharing Options

A kickass interactive demo has a multitude of use cases. From marketing to sales and customer success, many teams can use them to improve their KPIs. To ensure this happens, choose a product demo software that makes it easy for you to share in different formats.

Advanced Analytics

No software is complete without a proper analytics module. For demo software in particular, this helps you with critical insights on your team's performance as well the engagement of your prospects. This not only helps you increase your win rates but also in sharing internal feedback for product improvement and enhancements.

Priority Support

Considering the importance of demos in any given sales process, always opt for demo software that provides priority support on the go. You never know when you need help. There's nothing worse than putting up an embarrassing face on a demo call, so better choose a tool that takes care of you well enough.


With so many other tools in your tech stack already, it is important for interactive sales demo software to integrate seamlessly with all/ most of them. There are very few tools today that do this today, so choose wisely.

In Conclusion

A kickass interactive demo can boost your sales and marketing efforts. While multiple options are out there in the market, each software has unique features, making it crucial to compare them before you choose to buy one of them. Read reviews, get a free trial, and only then finalize which interactive demo software to go ahead with. 

That said, if you're leading your product-led growth initiatives today, Fable might just be the right fit for you! 

With Fable, you can create customized interactive demos in less than 5 minutes. Feel free to schedule a demo today and see for yourself why using Fable is a piece of cake!

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