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What are Sales Demo Tools?

A sales demo tool is software that helps sales professionals showcase their product to potential customers as a part of their demo process. It allows you to create and deliver sales presentations, demos, and training materials easily.

Sales demo tools have the capability to capture customer feedback and market intelligence. Demo software is a collection of tools that can interact with customers during every stage of the sales process, from discovery to the demo environment and the live demonstration.

A sales demo tool can be advantageous for sales reps, marketing teams, as well as customer success teams. as it can enhance close rates and expedite sales processes.

This article will discuss the key features to consider when selecting a sales demo tool, provide information on various options available, and offer guidance on choosing the most suitable one for your needs.

Good features to have in a Sales Demo Software

When choosing a sales demo software, there are several factors to consider, regardless of whether you're a first-time buyer or switching to a different tool. 


It is crucial to use software tools that let your prospects interact with your product. This will give them the real world feel of how your product works to solve their pain-points. These can be software tools to create interactive demos or interactive presentations. 

Customization and Personalization

The most effective tools will allow you to customize your demonstrations to suit your specific product, service, or platform. It is now proven that personalized demos win over generic ones. 

During a sales demo, it is important to prioritize the customer's needs over the product. By using a suitable sales demo tool, you can create a personalized experience that addresses the specific pain points of the customers and how the solution effectively solves them. It is important to avoid generic demonstrations as everyone has different needs.

Sales demo tools simplify customization, allowing you to quickly recreate real-world scenarios and personalize your demo to meet your prospect's specific needs.


The demo software you choose must be able to show detailed information on how well it is performing and how useful it has been in closing more deals for your sales team. A good software will always have an analytics dashboard which gives you real-time insights for your team to rely on. 


When selecting software, it is important to choose one that integrates well with your existing technology stack. This is equally applicable when considering sales demo software. It is recommended to search for an option that functions smoothly with your other tools to ensure a seamless and effortless process.

Engagement Features

For prospects to hear and understand your value proposition, it is important for your sales demo tool to be engaging. When individuals have the opportunity to directly engage with your demo, it is more likely to increase their interest and retention of information.

Simple Tips to Choose the Best Sales Demo Tool

Sales demos have a significant impact on the selling process, and it is important to carefully evaluate the available sales demo tools to make an informed decision.

Finalize your budget

Though this goes without saying, it is equally important to have a budget in mind. Getting a nod for the same from your decision makers will help you evaluate the right demo software from the options available. 

List the non-negotiables

Even before you go ahead and start searching for sales demo tools in the market, it is important to list all the features that are extremely important to you. Finalize whether you intend to go with an on-premise solution or a cloud-based solution. Ideally, collaborate with your team to ensure you are not missing out on essential inputs. 

Do a thorough research

After identifying your needs, conducting research is crucial. This involves reading online reviews, consulting with other businesses in your industry, and gathering feedback from your sales team. By thoroughly researching, you can ensure that you select a tool that fulfills your requirements and aids in increasing sales.

Use a product demo trial

It is advisable to try out the sales demo tools that interest you after narrowing down your options. Testing a tool before purchasing will ensure that you make an informed decision for your business.

Get feedback from your team

Always involve your team in the entire process as they are the ones who will be using the demo software on a regular basis. Their inputs will be helpful in choosing the right tool to your help you close more deals.

Top 6 Sales Demo Tools in 2024

Though there are many sales demo and product demo software tools in the market today, it is important to choose that:

  • Help your sales and marketing efforts
  • Integrates with your existing tech stack (the likes of Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Slack, etc)
  • Provides personalized demo experiences
  • Assists in the demo creation process
  • Lets your prospects and potential customers experience the actual product

Here are 6 popular tools that help you with compelling product demos in your sales funnel and also have advanced analytics: 


Mockaroo is a cloud-based data generator that enables users to create realistic data for sales demonstrations. It allows for the generation and export of data sets of any size to CSV or JSON.

The platform provides a free plan for up to 1,000 rows of data and offers paid plans starting at $5/month for up to 100,000 rows of data. Mockaroo is additionally accessible as a docker image that can be deployed in a private cloud.

Mockaroo maybe helpful in sales demo as you need not worry about any data privacy issues.

Mockaroo product screenshot

Prototypes using Figma

Figma is a cloud-based collaborative web application for creating designs. You can also use this tool to create high-fidelity design prototypes for your sales and product demonstrations. With Figma, you can easily create prototypes that look and feel real.

This clickable prototype allows users to navigate through various screens and experience the appearance and functionality of your product. This enables you to showcase your product in a highly realistic manner, which can increase your chances of closing more deals. 

Figma offers a free plan for up to 3 Figma files, and paid plans start at $12 per month with unlimited Figma files and unlimited version history.

Figma product screenshot


StoryDoc helps your sales team create interactive decks and presentations that increase engagement. With its business-ready templates, sales teams can create stunning presentations that stand out from the crowd. 

Storydoc has paid pricing which starts from $30 per month per user. All their plans include presentation analytics and unlimited content integrations.

Storydoc product screenshot


Anima is a software demo tool that helps you sell new features without involving your engineering team. With its simple to use tool, you can turn figma designs into interactive prototype in just one click.  

This helps your prospects to experience your product with live links. Anima integrates with the likes of Hotjar and FullStory to assist you with insights. You can track your prospect engagement and demo performance as needed. Anima allows your prospects to get one of the best demo experiences.

Anima has a free plan that allows you to create 1 project. Their paid plans which include priority support start from $49 per month.

Anima product screenshot


Demodesk lets you run secure video demo meetings that lets you engage your customers with interactive screen sharing. With its AI, data-driven insights and other advanced features, Demodesk also analyzes all your sales conversations to help you close more deals. 

One of the best things about Demodesk is that it seamlessly integrates with your existing sales tech stack. Their pricing starts from ~$32 per month per user.

Demodesk product screenshot


Fable is a no-code interactive demo platform. With Fable, you can create stunning interactive product demos that help you close more deals. 

As we are all aware, every sales demo is not the same. Gone are the days where all demos are treated equally. Prospects are now more educated than ever and would like to speak only about their pain points any nothing else. That is exactly where Fable comes into the picture. 

With Fable, you can create personalized interactive product demos based on use case, persona, industry, and many more. With our interactive guides, video annotations, and widgets - you can not just highlight specific features of your product, but also create demo templates, demo libraries and workflows that make life of your sales team super easy. 

With Fable's custom demo environments and in-built analytics platform that sets us apart, you can track user engagement, user behavior and stay on top of all insights needed to fine-tune your demos to close more deals. 

Fable's pricing starts from $100 per month. All our pricing plans allow you to create unlimited interactive product demos for your prospects.

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What’s the Best Sales Demo Tool for Your Business?

There are multiple sales demo tools available in the market. It is essential to select the one that is most effective for your business and team, aiding in closing more deals and achieving sales objectives.

If you are unsure, it is recommended to try a free trial of each tool on our list to find the most suitable option for your needs.

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